Aseptic Technique in Rodent Surgery : Preparation of the Animal

Key Points

  • Clip the fur from the surgical site after the animal has been anaesthetised.
  • Remove the clipped fur with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Perform this initial clipping in a separate area so that the operating area is not contaminated.
  • When clipping mice, particular care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the delicate skin.
  • Clean the skin using a suitable disinfectant, for example Chlorhexidine, either in alcohol or water
  • Avoid using too much disinfectant solution, as this can increase the risk of the animal becoming hypothermic.
  • Alcohol alone is not suitable for disinfection of the skin.
  • In both rats and mice, ointment should be applied to the eyes to prevent drying during anaesthesia.

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A comprehensive guide to help research workers apply best practice in aseptic surgical techniques in laboratory rodents.

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